Friday, 23 September 2011

Jimmy Ginger attends a Staff Meeting.

Two all black kittens were taken to the Vet to be destroyed! I dont know why, maybe the owners just didn't want them anymore or maybe they were the last two from an unwanted litter. They are bright happy little cats, around 16 weeks old, that is the age where they become less appealing to most people looking to adopt kittens and of course black is not a colour which is popular. I receive so many telephone calls from prospective owners who state immdiately that they do not want black or black and white kittens. That is why we have a kitten room full of adorable youngsters in those colours. Such a Great Shame. I think it is time I contacted the local newspaper again  and tried a publicity drive to home these getting bigger by the minute kittens , or they will grow into adults and still be homeless.

Little Sonny the cross chihuahua/jack russell has just left  for Warwickshire with his new owner and I could hardly bear to see him go, he was another one I was tempted to keep but common sense prevailed.  He will receive far more attention  with new 'mum' Chris than I could ever give him as I am so busy so much of the time.

Paddy is going through a bad spell at the moment, his 'Wobblers' Syndrome is really kicking in  and he struggles to get up from his bed in the morning. Quite often I have to clean up after him because he cannot get up to go to the door when he wants to do his toilet and cleaning up after a Great Dane is no joy believe me!  Poor old Paddywhack. He is on treatment to alleviate the symptoms and some afternoons he really perks up, and has a short gallop across the field. He paddles with his front legs when he is bad, he feels pins and needles in them and so he lifts up his legs continuously; his back legs drag a bit and his gait is very unsteady.This is the worst he has been since I had him, I hope the meds take effect soon. The wet weather does not seem to help either.(picture of him on a good day with pal Jackson)

We held a staff meeting this morning and 17 years old Jimmy Ginger decided he would join us to put forward some issues he has been having with the dogs. He sat quietly next to Handyman John and Cariad and  waited his turn to speak(pic left) .
After other issues were discussed Rhian turned to the old cat and asked him what was bothering him.

(pic bottom left)
"Well ,you all know how I hate those four legged things you call dogs" Jimmy complained " It is beyond a joke when I start my patrol of the property only to find that big white thing you humans call Bonny foxhound , has been left out and is ripping all the binbags apart" . "I am really fed up with it and I have to give her a good talking to with my claws and then when she yelps you all come running to her defence! I have a job to do here and  I can't do it when there are those horrid creatures about.  If you dont keep them away from me I will have to hand in my notice!"
Jimmys comments were duly noted and recorded in the minutes of the meeting and it was agreed that he should be allowed his patrol times without the extra worry of a scavenging foxhound.  This seemed to appease him and put him in a more amiable mood.

Another Cat Problem - Five adult cats have been abandoned by their owner who has moved house and left them behind to fend for themselves!  One kind neighbour has taken in 2, Mion has been down there checking out the situation and she has managed to find two though there is one still missing. We have managed to find out her new address so there will be a visit from us  on the cards! It is so wrong to do this, I know the escuse will be that she could not get anyone to take them and I hold my hand up to say I would have given her a negative answer too but she should not have left it to the last mionute.If we have notice we manage to get most cats in.people generally do not move within 24 hours unless there are extenuating circumstances and even then they are aware what may happen long before the actual date of leaving.
Thank goodness most of us would never contemplate such an action, I have to keep telling myself that those who do such things are in the minority even though sometimes it does not always seem that way.

Today I have been a bit of a Calamity Jane(yet again) and somehow managed to climb over a gate and knock myself out! I am hoping that I haven't broken my nose but it feels very sore at the moment so can't touch it. I saw stars (and very pretty they were too) and then I must have passed out briefly.Vanessa came rushing up to the field to see if all was ok as Rhian (who was walking dogs at the bottom of the property)had rung her on the mobile to say that she could see me lying down in the field. Panic Alert! Thank goodness I have colleagues around most of the time.

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chrisw0072010 said...

Sonny has settled really well and is an absolute joy. Very good traveller in the car too, but does not like going in the cage. Getting on really well with Annie, and they love playing with their squeaky toys. I am so glad I went in the charity shop Wednesday. Neighbours cannot believe I went on holiday with 1 dog and came back with 2. He will be looked after for life, I promise. xx