Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Jimmy goes Tree Climbing

I have had a few comments about the Zumba Class, it seems not everybody knows what this is.Well ,it is an exercise class incorporating dance moves and music from South America. A bit of salsa, hiphop,merengue etc. Great fun and very energetic so it is a good way  to keep fit.

Jimmy Ginge rather liked his mention on the last Blog so he set up an ideal photo opportunity for me  this morning. Here he is relaxing in the branches of one of the few trees we have at the shelter. This is the first time I have seen him do anything as energetic as climbing a tree, for a very ancient cat he is doing pretty well.
I do miss not having many trees around, we have some lovely mature ones at the Liverpool shelter but here is much more exposed on the side of a hill so few trees survive. I have tried planting hedgerows but have been unsuccessful so far. If I planted trees there would have to be a fortress built around the young saplings otherwise the horses would destroy them. Still . I may have another try .

Sadly the Guillemot did not make it, I arranged a Vet appointment but I think the bird was suffering from shock and he passed away before he could be taken to the surgery.

It is always nice to meet like minded animal loving people and today I had a visit from friends  whom I have not seen for  almost 10 years.  When I first moved here they wanted to live here and work with the animals but were unable to sell their house in Norfolk. They still rescue animals themselves and have 5 beautiful dogs, including two ex racing greyhounds.
I love to know that all over the UK(the world, in fact) there are individuals helping animals in distress and thanks largely to the internet are able to contact each other . It is quite an amazing network of  animal rescuers.

Mei is very proud of herself today, she has managed to win over the affections of Max, a collie I have been caring  for in the house. He has shown some aggression towards her,which is very unusual as all dogs appear to love Mei. It also made me feel that he was not homeable, now I feel that there is hope for him. She was determined that he would not get the better of her even though she admitted to being scared of him, and with a great deal of courage and me close by to rush to her rescue if needed, she made friends with him with just a little help from a handful of Spillers Shapes!
He is a very good looking dog and the wonderful thing about him is that he is excellent with other dogs, especially laid back males . He can be a bit focused and bothersome with females(even spayed ones) I think his main problem is that he is nervous when he meets new people and even more difficult to handle is that he  hates raised voices . This makes him very nervous indeed and he will growl - I wonder why? Once he makes friends he is your friend for life so he needs someone experienced with nervous aggressive dogs. Please form an orderly queue!
Pictured here is Mad Max himself with my Meg lurcher and enjoying his first cuddle with a very relieved Mei.
As I will be off to Liverpool for a trustee meeting it is a great relief to me too,I was panicking about leaving the dogs; it is Mei who cares for them when I am away and if she had not been able to befriend Max there could have been major problems.

PS: Little Old Girl(seen here on left) the elderly terrier rescued about 6 months ago from the Pound developed doggy dementia and sadly I had to let her go today.She no longer had any quality of life - I think she was probably well into her teens; I did my best for her whilst she was with me and I know she enjoyed the meals here! She even appreciated MY cooking! She  was a funny little dog who seldom showed affection, just occasionally she would give me a lick or two and  when she wasn't eating ,most of the time she slept . I like to think she was fairly contented  living with me, albeit for a short time.
RIP :Little Old Girl

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netta said...

I think Jimmy Ginge should have a go at (doing) the blog now and again, he appears to have a good turn of phrase, and could do a 'Jimmy's view 'of the goings on at the shelter (giving a few of mistresses secrets away maybe)