Friday, 16 September 2011

Sorry no Photos.

A couple of cats have been adopted this week and 3 dogs, plus one collie reserved.Not bad at all. There are three more Dog Pound dogs to be admitted so I am just trying to sort out which foster people are free to help out with these.Its more difficult when the dogs are not good with other animals as all the fosterers have other pets so I'm keeping my fingers crossed these will be socialised!

I think I mentioned that friend Nicky has been trying to deal with a case where a woman is allowing her cats to breed and even though another welfare organisation was involved  at one time, she continues to pretend she has had most neutered(this is not the case ) We have already had several of the cats neutered and taken in some of the kittens but this week Mion fostered a mum and 2 weeks old babies; a few days after she took them in, mum fell ill and has very sadly passed away today in the Vet surgery, leaving the kittens without a mum.The Vet thought the cat had incurred some sort of trauma to her liver and she was bleeding internally. My first thought was that she had been hit by a car but I learned today that the woman particularly disliked this poor cat so now I wonder - what did happen to her to result in this sort of internal injury? We will probably never know, Mion will be handrearing the youngsters, they are so young to be without their mother but I  have every faith in Mions ability to pull them through successfully.

We will be holding three Winter/xmas Fairs this year. I need to try to bring in some extra funds to see us through that difficult financial time so with that in mind we will be holding the usual one in The Royal Sportsman on 25th November but also at The Holy Trinity Church Hall on the high street in LLandudno which will be on the 18th November.Finally there will be a Xmas fair in Bentlech,Anglesey in  December .Helpers for any of these events will be very welcome, please let me know as soon as possible if you can assist. Before we know it they will be upon us and volunteers are urgently needed for all three.I will put the posters on our official Freshfields facebook site nearer the time and if they can be downloaded and distributed that would be a great help.

Due to the horses which have been returned from their loan homes, we are having to convert a food store into a temporary stable and we needed some extra metal sheets to reinforce the sides.having ordered them, I completely forgot about them and yesterday I had a call from man saying he was delivering the sheep today!!! I went into a flat spin thinking another member of staff had agreed to take on some more sheep and I must have sounded very 'off' with the poor man , telling him I had no knowledge of this arrangement until I realised it was sheets he was delivering and not sheep! I need to  have a hearing test I think!

A friend from Liverpool has just moved into the area, a fellow animal and bird  lover I am pleased to say, anyhow she has discovered that the previous owner of her new home  has put down loads of broken glass  in the garden to prevent cats going in it and poor Sue has been down on her hands and knees laboriously picking it all out.She wants to adopt some animals from here and until all the glass is removed she cannot even consider it.It reminds me of how cat haters in Liverpool used to use the same method of keeping cats away by embedding broken glass into concrete on the top of their walls. I always thought it was an awful thing to do, and putting it all over garden paths is even worse. What happened to Live and Let Live?
Mind you, over the years  I have had people ringing me for advice on how to get rid of all sorts of wild animals which enter their gardens.I would love to have foxes or badgers, even wild rabbits in my garden but to some, they are the enemy and to be got rid of at all costs. They deserve to live in a concrete jungle, maybe that would please them, no birds singing to wake them in the morning , no wildlife in which to take pleasure and just a soulless environment. Nature is such a wonderful thing and brings so much pleasure to so many people,its hard to understand those who see no beauty in it.

The wolf mentioned in the last blog, as expected turned out to be a Northern Inuit ( bred to look like wolves) this one has had a few serious seizures so the prognosis is not good. I rang the breeder but he refuses to take responsibility for it, saying that as he had sold the pup to someone who then sold him on again to the current owner it was not his responsibility to take him back. Well I'm sorry but any responsible breeder or shelter should take on a commitment to its animals so I was pretty mad. These husky type breeds are not easy animals and shelters are receiving more and more of them as they are being sold to people who have no idea what they are taking on. It is easy to breed dogs but any genuine dog lover would not wash his/her  hands once the sale has been made.  Having said that I was unsurprised at his attitude . It was EXACTLY what I was expecting. 

Sorry no photos, will make up for it over the weekend.

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