Wednesday, 21 September 2011

RIP Honey.

Photos of our Honey taken over the years and the very best one with her sporting a very fetching Punk Hair Do.

It has been a very sad day today.
Little Honey deteriorated and we made the Big Decision to let her go ,  her friend Caspar  was allowed to see her and he stood by her for a few hours grieving and then  moved away to resume grazing. Equines  have tremendous dignity and resilience but we hope now that he will find another friend amongst the ponies at the shelter. One shetland who has always stood alone since he lost his companion, is Sam  so we will try these two together and see how it goes.

Honey came in to us 6 years ago at the age of five years, to think she was just 11 when her health failed is very sad indeed. We thought she would last as long as all our other shetland ponies but it was not to be.The bottom photo was taken the day she was admitted with Caspar. At just five years, she was already blind in one eye and her second eye damaged from a  kick by another horse in her previous home. Her nature was wonderful and she will be greatly missed.


Sue said...

Very sorry for your loss. It never gets easier.
Its a sad time for me as I had one of my little ratties put to sleep yesterday after he was diagnosed with a tumour. I held him as he passed over. It just breaks your heart dosn't it? :o(

Adele said...

So sorry to read this post. I didn't know Honey but it made me feel so sad. What a horrible call to have to make; undoubtedly it was the right decision, although this never makes it easier. I'm sure Honey had a great 6 years with you and her friend, and I hope that thought brings you comfort. X

Silvey said...

So sorry for your loss. She sure was beautiful.

June Davies said...

Thank you for the lovely pictures of Honey and Caspar. They had six years of affection and happiness together at Freshfields. Kindest regards to all of you, and hoping Caspar and Sam become good companions x