Friday, 4 June 2010

The Yorkies arrive and our missing cat turns up.

The two little yorkies are in and they are adorable. They seem quite at home and are eating well if rather noisily.They both have a soft Palate which makes their breathing very noisy and they dont sound dissimilar to our two potbellied pigs, however they are healthy in spite of this problem and are very sweet natured little dogs.Rolo is 10 years and Fudge 9 years. Neither seem perturbed at their sudden change of circumstances which is a bonus, so many small pampered dogs struggle to adapt to shelter life even if it is only for a few weeks. These two are already following me about as though they have always lived here and NO I am not planning to add them to my animal family much as I would like to. They are fit enough to go somehwre where they can receive the attention they need,My last two were so old nobody wanted them (20 and 21 yrs!)which is why they stayed with me.
More mum cats and kittens are installed in our "maternity unit.Only one of the kittens is ready for rehoming - the white and tabby with the same coloured mother. (pictured here)The rest are only about 4 weeks of age and still very dependent on Mum.I have not yet been for the 13 cats whose owner has died but will be going this week, having made enough pens ready for the newcomers. I hope they ARE domestic and not feral as the relative informed me.There is not enough room to take them in the feral enclosure which reminds me I have a home waiting for four of our ferals so pending a homecheck they will be leaving us for a better life. The home is near Tregaron in Ceridigion and I am waiting to hear from a possible homechecker in that area. With the feral cats the prospective owners have to have a secure shed or building in which to keep the animals for at least a month in order for them to adapt to a new routine so that has to be checked and also to ascertain that they will be fed daily and will not be expected to catch their own food. This has been the only offer of a home for ferals that we have had for quite some time though if the homecheck does not pass muster I would rather keep them until a better place turns up. Even when we struggle for homes we will never grasp at the first home offered just for the sake of getting them out of the shelter. We have to think we have done our best each time, thats what it is all about.
Speaking of ferals - wonderful news, our missing ginger and white cat has turned up after three weeks, he is thin and hungry but otherwise unharmed.I cant begin to say what a relief it is to see him again.
Bart the handsome longhaired elderly cat which I featured in my blog a few entries ago was spotted by a reader and she hotfooted it to the shelter and offered him a home with her and her family. What a result! Thank you,Thank you,Thank you.

I have been ragwort picking today in the glaring sun. It was hard going, This was at the summer fields where horses Big Buster ,Callie and Freddie are grazing.They were totally disinterested in me until I produced a packet of their favourite treat - polo mints and I then had them literally eating out of my hand. Even Freddie who can be nervous and a bit standoffish was suddenly my new best friend. The term Cupboard Love springs to mind

There are people interested in the Utonagan. Both homes have the same type of dogs already and are experienced with the breed, one in Northumberland seems particularly suited to Harry and another is coming to see him at the weekend.(they live locally) Harry was neutered yesterday along with the lovely Jess border collie(her new people have had their homecheck passed and are travelling from Norfolk for her this weekend) He is a very aloof dog and reminds me of our dear old Monty collie whose personality and behaviour suggested possible autism - is this possible with canines? Maybe he is just bewildered by his sudden life change but his face looks blank of expression.Poor dog. I do hope we manage to place him where he will find contentment and possible happiness.

After I finish this blog I am going to put high factor suntan cream on the noses of the grey ponies whose noses are pink and without this will be even pinker.An attempt will also be made to put some on the back of pink pig.That should be fun!

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