Sunday, 20 June 2010

Shane is our first potty(or wheelbarrow)trained horse.

Well can you believe it - the couple who travelled to see Misty did not like her!!! The man said he failed to bond with her! What does that mean? She came out ready to make a fuss, went up to him jumped up gently and rolled on her back for a tickle.What else did he want. Anyhow Im glad they did not take her, this is a super little dog and it is their loss.

The ferret DOES appear to be blind and her glands were up so she is on antibiotics which are administered in her water bowl.She is eating a little but has not much of an appetite so is clearly not feeling 100 percent.The lump on her head has now vanished which is most peculiar but it has definitely gone. I have quite taken to this one and wish I could have her in the house to nurse through her poorly time but somehow I dont think she would go down too well with the residents there. I have been told of someone who may offer a home to her so I will follow that up. In the meantime she is going back to the vet for more tests.

The photo of Shane looks like he is using the wheelbarrow for a potty but in fact he was simply having a good scratch as animals do and the wheelbarrow happened to be the nearest availalable object on which he was able to do this satisfactorily. If only they were potty trained! There is no doubt that it is an arduous task poo picking all the fields but the upside is that on a sunny day you can aquire rather a good tan and its better than being stuck in an office all day. Rumour has it that wealthy horse owners use a contraption similar to a lawn mower which hoovers up the manure. Now that really would be useful but until our boat comes in we will all have to continue doing what horse owners have done since time immemorial - pick manually. I was reading Liz Jones diary in the Mail and once again she is bemoaning the fact that she has so much work to do with her animals, well Liz, thats what happens when you have a multitude of pets.It IS hard work and as you has found , it is expensive too. AND it does not always endear you to neighbours as I also have discovered. Nor is it conducive to personal relationships, the list goes on and on but you know what , I would not have it any other way. I would hate to have a life of shallowness, absorption in oneself and obsessed with material things. Not that I am saying you do either, your love for animals clearly shines out through your column .Personally I would feel my life would not be justified without making a contribution of some sort to the community and dont get me wrong I love clothes too and wish I could afford designer stuff too but it is not the be all and end all of life. Money worries are a terrible drain on emotions and even physical well being but I have had them most of my life because of my choice of lifestyle taking in animals and have never led a life of excess (though I have often aspired to do so, or at least to experience it for a while!)So there you have it, Im sure Liz will never read my blog but you never know and if she does my advice to her is that if she is that unhappy then she should find a solution and act upon it. Where there is a will theres a way, life is too short for regrets. And Liz, if you have any designer clothes or handbags (non leather please) you are bored with please send them to my address.

Meg Collie has gone to a local home(for a change)thought here is a strong possibility that Tess may be returned this coming week. Although she is great with the child of the household, she has shown nervousness and has barked and jumped at a neighbours child. There are plenty of home offers for her so if she does come back I will send her to an adult home.

Skinny Simon has FIV so now he is in with Fizz another FIV positive cat. He has been tested also for thyroid problems and I am waiting for the results. I will be upset if his health does not improve,it would be nice for him to have a home for the remainder of how ever many years he has left.He is just the most affectionate loving and placid cat I have come across for a long time.At the vets, when I opened his basket, he strolled out and immediately lay down and made himself at home, purring away happily. I think he would be happy absolutely anywhere that he could receive attention and comfort. Fizz, too is a darling cat, she is a healthy bonny looking youngster and another with a loving nature. They do not deserve to spend their lives penned up at a shelter, I am a firm believer in the quality of life and so I shall endeavour to find both suitable homes where they will not have to come into contact with other felines. Regarding Simon, that is of course if his thyroid(or whatever it is) can be treated successfully.They could both then have good years ahead of them if they are lucky.

The weather is great at the moment and the animals are enjoying it though our sheep need to be shorn and it is so hard to find someone to do it for a small number like our little flock. We do have a man who will do it at the end of the month but if the weather continues like this it will become unbearable for them. At least they have shelter if the sun becomes too much.

Mei who is generally disinterested in the nature around her was excited (believe it or not) that she had an unusual fly land on her arm.She described it as turqoise and pink.At first I thought she must have been on the waccy baccy or at the very least was having a moment of mental abberation!but she assured me that it was true so we looked it up in one of my many nature books and sure enough there was one which fitted the description. In fact it was a wasp, a ruby tailed wasp! So theres a first, Ive never heard of one let alone see one but maybe they are quite common and they just dont alight on people very often?
2 kittens and an adult cat have been homed today,it was particularly nice to see an adult cat going, with so many kittens about they are simply not moving at all and I so want them all to find loving homes. Even the kittens are not going out quickly at the moment which is unusual at this time of year. Ever optimistic im sure we will soon be inundated with visitors clamouring for them!!!!!

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