Tuesday, 15 June 2010

More admittances and Open day Preparations begin.

Tess the staff cross has already left us, I put her on the dogsblog website and had dozens of enquiries for her. Poor Twm had none at all! Some dogs simply do not seem to have the appeal of others. Certainly he needs some work done with him but he has the potential of being a great "fun" dog. Unfortunately most people understandably want a well behaved, well trained pet. Today we brought him out to mingle with everyone whilst we were having a tea break and he seemed to enjoy the attention though he has a habit of staying close to those he knows best. I feel sure he will get over his nervousness of strangers after a while and become more socialised.
Rosie is fostering another pup for us, Bryn is 4 months old a cross collie/German shepherd who is suffering a touch of separation anxiety at the moment.Rosie has brought him to work and he is in her car barking for attention/company. He will be able to come out soon and have a play and follow Rosie round whilst she gets on with her work cleaning out the stables.

Another collie is being fostered.Meg is 3 years old, another farm dog unwanted because of her disinterest in working for her living. Meg is a lovely gentle but rather shy dog and for once I am pleased to say that a farm dog arrived looking in very good condition. Makes a pleasant change!
The staff were upset at the weekend when a cat was admitted with only half a face, they thought maybe a rat had attacked him but in fact he had cancer which had eaten away at his nose.Im afraid we had to put him to sleep, it was the only humane course of action. I am not publishing the photo of him feeling it far too distressing to so so. How could the owner have left this poor cat to deteriorate in this way? He was a friendly domesticated animal and no animal deserves to suffer that way. Once again we end up with the vet bill for someone elses pet. Whats new!
Instead of that photo I have chosen another which shows ponies having a siesta in front of the sheeps little house. I know I have published sad pics before but this cat one was too too graphic and even I can sometimes have an overload of sadness. From left to right are Bobby the shetland pony (one of the neglected Anglesey ponies) Blue a dainty grey and Shane (also Anglesey ponies) and Tangy one of our oldest residents who was admitted at age 30 years so is now in his late thirties. This little group is a quiet bunch of ponies due to either their great ages or their health problems.The Anglesey ponies who some may remember came in to us 2 years ago are so much improved but some will never be fit enough to be rehomed. Shane , Blue and Bobby are young animals but their neglect at the hands of their owner means they will never be without some health issues and will always need great care to prevent them having bouts of laminitis, the problem which crippled them prior to their admittance to the shelter.

The other photo is of our two rabbits who seem to be overstaying their welcome.Much as I like them I wish someone would offer them a home. When they arrived a few months ago Tandy and Speckles (father and son) were very shy but have really come out of themselves lately and to keep up this improvement they need to receive more attention than is possible here.However I want a home where they will stay together and have a good sized exercise area because another of my pet hates, and believe me I have so many , is rabbits in hutches which are only allowed out when it suits the owner. I cant bear to see caged animals, Why is it that many people seem to have the inability to place themselves in anothers shoes whether those shoes belong to a human or animal(that doesnt seem to make sense!) How would they like to be caged and inactive day after day with often no companion to allay the boredom? Dont even get me on to birds in cages. I could rant on for hours about the inhumanity of that.

We are all starting to prepare for the second Open Day at the shelter.August 1st is not so far off. Last years Bookshop proved a popular attraction so we have converted one of the stables again into a temporary bookshop .Already shelves have been put up to display the hundreds of second hand books we have to sell. The avid readers amongst us are finding it hard to keep away and I have to admit to sneaking in during the evening to find reading material for my relaxation. I read so quickly I can get through a book in one or two evenings depending on how many pages there are.
I was wondering if there was anyone locally who is able to do tarot readings or something similar but so far have failed to find anyone. I would quite enjoy having that done myself.Last time I had the cards read I was told everything that in fact came true a short time later! Coincidence maybe but it was very accurate.Mind you my niece Vanessa also had a reading and nothing she was told came true so perhaps I was just lucky that day.I thought it might be an added attraction for the day so I will continue looking.
My friend Pete tells me there is an enormous jellyfish on Llandudno beach.He has never seen anything like it and apparently the local media have written up about it. Last time I was there the beach was littered with dead jellyfish though mostly small. I wonder if this is usual for so many to be washed up or is it an unusual phenomena? The lives and loves of jellyfish is not a subject I am knowledgeable about so will have to read up on it.Then I can add it to my vast collection of mainly useless information in order to bore everyone around me!

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