Thursday, 10 June 2010

Animals out and animals in!

I received an email from old Poppy this morning! She seems erfectly happy with her new address in Hampshire
and she tells me that her humans appear to not only have a lovely cottage and garden in very nice surroundings but they have told her that they also have over 100 acres where she can run and play to her hearts content. Poppy goes on to say that she hopes to be chasing lots of rabbits but is quick to assure me that she will not harm them, it will just be a game that she has always enjoyed.
Jess in Norfolk has also settled down immediately with her new humans who have a super large garden ideal for a lively young collie(1 and a half acres)- A pair of very lucky dogs.
Harry Utonagan has been adopted by Dani a supporter and fosterer for freshfields and He too is making himself at home though I confess to feeling more worried about him than the others.I know I shouldn't be biased but I feelfar less confident about this type of dog fitting in a new environment.I hope with Harry I will be proved wrong and it will change my feelings towards the suitability of Huskies and Utonagans as house pets.
New dogs needing homes are Tess a lovely little staffordshire bull etrrier cross found wandering three months ago and made homeless again due to current people living in rented property and bgeing ordered by landlord to get rid of her immediately.She is a real softy and is great with cats and other dogs but she is very cowed and nervous when first approached - going in to the dog submissive stance(on her back) and having sa little nervous wee! So far she has been totally clean ans quiet, in all respects appears to be a lovely little family pet for someone. The other is 18 months old Tom who was suppose to be a Belgian Shepherd but is in fact a mixture or crosss breed with maybe Kelpie, Collie and a little Shepherd in him. He is a very hyperactive dog who is not used to strangers and barks aggresssively at them, however he is a very affectionate anim al and he loves to play and retrieve a ball making him an ideal agility dog should anyone be looking for such a dog.We hope to get him used to seeing more people and accepting they do not pose a threat to him as we can all tell that his behaviour is a nervous one , and not intentionally aggressive. His other attribute is that he appears to love playing with other canines especialy Tasha one of our longterm residents.They really hit it off together.
Loads more cats in including the 13 from one home.I have taken pics of many of the new admittances but I am doing this blog on a laptop and I am not keen, mainkg more mistakes than usual Im afraid. The reason is that I clumsily spilled coffee on my new keyboard and caused the computer to crash. Phil my long suffering computer whizzkid (well he is not exacly a kid!more like thirtyy something and Phil I am so sorry if you are only a mere twenty year old , forgive me)has had to go and buy a new keyboard as I have ruined the old one. Even by my standards killing a keyboard within a week of ownership is pretty bad. Coffee is now banned from being placed within a metre of the computer so I will have to energise myself in the morning by other methods.
Hope to publish photos tomorrow, including one of feral black and white mum cat and her beautiful siamese type babies - Dad just had to be a siamese. They are stunning though like many ferals being born outside are suffering from weepy eyes and have had to be put on antibiotics.


Tali said...

Phil is older than me which makes him 4o something!!!

roy said...

Lesley I have several keyboards to save buying one or as a spare in case ! ROY

lesley said...

Thanks Roy but i had a couple too but wrong thing at end, werent compatible with this computer.
Thinking of you, i know how bad you feel about losing dear Tad. hope to see you soon