Saturday, 5 June 2010

A little lamb in trouble

Living in a rural area it is quite common to see sheep and lambs on the side of the road but this little one was spotted on her own looking very dejected and with something clearly wrong with her back end. Fortunately for Lucy as she is now named, she was spotted by one of our part time staff Cariad who , along with her children managed to catch her and bring her to the shelter last night. Probably as the result of a blow from a passing car, she has three open wounds which were crawling with maggots. Dafydd, a vet from the Pwyllheli practice we use has cleaned out the wounds and treated her with antibiotics so it is now a matter of the waiting game to see if she survives.He thinks as we do that she has a good fighting chance. As many of the ponies are staying out now that the weather is so good she has been bedded down in one of the stables.I do hope that I haven't tempted providence by mentioning good weather! Last time I did that there was a drastic change the following day and the heavens opened. Actually we would be glad of some rain so we can use our chain harrow to fertilise the fields. The harrow was on our wish list but our kind hayman Mr Roberts has purchased one and left it here for us to use whenever we need it. It is very uplifting when people are so helpful and generous.

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