Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Tess is returned and Simons results arrive.

The sheep will be shorn shortly - try saying that when you have had a few drinks!
Glenys who lives on the farm next door has said her grandson will do them oin the next few days.
.It has been too hot for them with their thick woolly coats( the sheep, not Glenys and her grandson) Having said that, today is colder and it has just started raining but they will feel more comfortable when they have their winter fleeces off and anyway there is a shelter for them to escape from the rain if they so wish. I think it will take a few of us to help with the two naughty Jacobs, I may just take that day off!
Tess did come back so I have had to readvertise her, as I have with little Misty. Hopefully I will have another good response, some of the people whose numbers I had kept have now acquired dogs elsewhere which is a shame but then again those dogs needed homes too and these two will just have to wait a little longer to find the right people.

Our latest admittance is Buster a handsome black cross labrador whose owners have no time to exercise him, he is a nice dog and one which should be appealing to the general public. I do feel so sorry for those animals which do not immediately catch the eye, they are often the nicest natured but they often fade into the background.At least there should not be such a problem with this nice fellow.

Apart from Rosie, I am struggling to find dog foster homes because most end up keeping a dog they fostered and although it means the dogs have great homes it also means we lose a very important and necessary temporary solution for the many homeless and unwanted dogs in this area. There are some I can home without having to take in like the 6 years old collie female belonging to a lady in a care home. I had someone waiting for a middle aged collie and I was able to match them up successfully but this is hard to do without having first hand experience of the animal. This was easier because I knew the fact that Lucky lived with elderly people in a care home,meant that she was an easy and good natured animal. Not all dogs are easy to home and it has to be said that owners often tell lies to get us to take on their unwanted pets. The information given over the telephone is often not the true picture of the nature of the pet and when we get to know the dog it becomes clear that the owner has either lied or withheld important facts . By having the animal in the shelter or in a foster home means we can assess the true personality and therefore match it up to a suitable owner with a degree of success.

The Liverpool shelter will be taking the two FIV cats which is a relief as they have far more success homing these cats than I do here in wales. I will deliver them when I attend the next trustee meeting on the 30th of this month. I am still awaiting the results of Simons thyroid tests.

Barbara went this morning to collect a stray cat at a caravan site in Caernarfon. The cat turned out to be a half grown kittencat about five - 6 months of age, pure white fluffy, a really pretty little cat.The owner of the site wanted rid of it as it was getting on peoples nerves with its pitiful crying!!!!! They are all heart. I hope one day someone will show as much kindness to them when they need it most. .
We have also admitted 4 adult cats from Ann Cragg who runs a cattery in Anglesey.These 4 were boarded whilst the owners were in France and guess what - they didnt return for their cats,opting instead to send an letter with no return address stating their intention to remain in France and for Ann to dispose of the cats! Ann also helps us with injured wildlife and had taken a bluetit fledgeling from us earlier this week so we are able to help each other with animal issues and because she is the sort of person she is the cats were never in danger of being destroyed but the owners were clearly not at all concerned as to the future fate of these pets they had owned for 5 and 6 years.
Well it looks as thought the heavens are about to open, the sky has turned very dark so I must take Molly , Meg, Ben and Patch out before it starts raining.Molly hates the rain and will refuse to budge from the warm kitchen.I can scarcely believe she is 10 years old now, I am told that is a good age for a Great Dane and she is still lively out on the fields, she loves to carry a ball or toy around in her mouth and can still have a little chase of the other dogs when she feels so inclined.
Thursday am.
Simons results have come through, thyroid problems confirmed so he has to start on treatment immediately, his tablets can be collected at same time as the ferret who it appears is much brighter now though is to continue on antibiotics for a few more days.She is eating so must feel better. That is really good news.Heres hoping Simon will improve once he starts his tablets.
Have just had a call from a lady currently homeless, she rang from a police station and was desperate for help so I am taking her 6 years old Westie today. There have been so many calls requesting help for dogs and cats it is overwhelming so it is a case of prioritising the most urgent. If only I could help them all.

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