Thursday, 17 June 2010

Skinny Simon ,more jellyfish facts and a blind ferret.

After mentioning the jellyfish washed up on Llandudno beach I looked up the phenomena on the net and it seems that Mediterranean countries are having a massive invasion of them and the beaches in Cornwall are also seeing more and more washed up as indeed we are here in North Wales.Its something to do with the change of climate everywhere and the abundancy of plankton which is the staple diet of jellyfish. So there you have it. The one my friend had found was identified as a lions mane jellyfish which was around 2-3 ft long but they can grow up to 10 Feet!! Their sting is toxic so be aware if you see any washed up, this fellow is a pinky reddy colour and BIG!
Another little cross staff is in need of a home, Misty is six months old and rather like Tess in appearance but there are already several offers of homes for her thanks to the interest the photo of Tess generated.Always a bonus - this little dog is good with cats.Not only a bonus but a great relief to me too, the cats who live here deserve a peaceful existence and there is nothing worse than a dog straining at its lead trying to get at the cats. It makes me constantly on edge should an accident occur and the dog slips the lead. Anyhow a couple from the Midlands are travelling down here on saturday to see her so fingers crossed there will be mutual admiration between them.

An emaciated cat has been admitted. He was found just sitting in the middle of a road,its a wonder he was not killed by a car but thankfully someone caring spotted him and brought him to the shelter.Skinny Simon just never stops purring and it is clear that he is glad to be rescued.Each day he appears stronger though he is going to the vet for a check up in case there is an underlying reason for his poor weight.He is so thin I doubt if he would have lived much longer had he not been picked up. His affectionate loving nature indicates that he has been a pet but once again we are left to pick up the vets bill and the responsibility for someone elses animal. It is so infuriating that this happens although to be fair he could possibly have been a stray for some time.Perhaps Im jumping the gun so I will give the owner the benefit of the doubt this time! Simon is pictured here on top of his temporary pen in the office and with Emma , a volunteer. It is hard to see just how emaciated he really is but believe me he is skin and bone.

Mei and I have been laughing at the antics of old Noddy our geriatric shetland pony who loves his food and rushes to eat his own so he can then move on to his companions food.We have to watch over them to ensure this does not happen. Yesterday however, Mei took her eyes away from them for a moment during which time Noddy, having finished his own meal ,had moved over to where Connie was slowly enjoying her food and before Connie could nose him away from the bucket,Noddy grabbed it and ran off holding it in his teeth . When he was a fair distance away he put it down on the ground and commenced to finish it with gusto! Naughty boy. We did of course replace Connies feed so she did not miss out.
Murphy shetland has gone off to his new home, his new carer having completed the loan agreement forms necessary for the transfer of the pony from our care to hers.We will, of course keep regular checks on him to make sure all is well . The lady who expressed interest in Sam shetland failed to turn up! Never mind, it was obviously not meant to be.

A gentleman from Tudweiliog rang having found a (friendly)ferret in his garden. When we collected it we saw immediately this young female had an enormous lump on her head and needed to see a vet(she is going today) but today Barbara has come in to tell me that she thinks she may be blind as well. In spite of her not eating yersterday she has shown no interest in food this morning so there is something very seriously wrong with her.More later after the vet appointment.
There is a charity fundraiser in Caernarfon Square this Saturday so I am sorting out our display boards ready for the event for which one of our volunteers Dilys has offered to man our stall.Its surprising how many local people have still not heard of the charity even after 9 years in the area and many newspaper articles about our work. I am always glad of an opportunity to raise our profile in the community .
There is someone interested in the pup, we are doing well with homing the dogs at the moment.It seems to go in phases, sometimes everyone who rings is wanting dogs, other times it is adult cats, another time kittens. This week is definitely dog week. It has been very quiet on the cat side of things, even the appealing little kittens are not moving but I am sure this will change soon. Perhaps many people are anticipating their summer holidays and plan to wait until they return to purchase another pet.
I must finish now to keep the appointment at the vet.


pamela said...

Hope the new ferret will be ok. Does this mean that the other grumpy single one you have will gain a companion ?

lesley said...

Grumpy boy eventually found home, forgot to mention on blog.This one is a sweetie though still unwell at moment. Hope you ok, lost your email address (wots new there?)

Upaya Psychotherapy Blog said...

Wonderful to see an update on Skinny Simon. It was Kevin, my partner who found him on his way to the climbing centre. He had straight away fallen in love with him, unfortunately our dogs do not appreciate cats as much as we do. You are doing a wonderful job.