Monday, 19 July 2010

Mei shows off our new quad bike

Thankfully the rain stopped just before the Liverpool Open day began and although not the brightest of days the sun did appear later on,I am so pleased, I was worried all day about it and I know Helen the manager was also on edge.I am waiting to hear how successful it was.Now all I have to do is worry about the weather on our own Open day on August 1st!

We have had high winds and torrential rain now for several days and have had to bring some of the older ponies in at night which we dont expect to be doing in July,its like winter already at the moment. Still at least the grass is shooting up now although that also means ragwort is everywhere. Theres not as much this year due to the fact we managed to get most up by the roots last summer but as you can see from the photo here there was still plenty to pick.
Shane is a lot better today, he did not have laminitis as we first suspected but he did have a large abscess in his foot so now that is treated he is a lot more comfortable and it will not be long before he can return to his companions in the fields.

We had a call last night about 2 puppies roaming the streets in Pwyllheli, they were taken in to the polce but the owner did not want them back. Gail (cat woman here) went to collect them and is happy to care for them until homes are found. They are 12 weeks old collies, one male,one female called Kai and Keira, they are vaccinated and came with new collars and leads, a bag full of toys etc so obviously they were wanted in the beginning,I suspect the reality of looking after 2 boisterous and not house trained pups was too much for the new owner to cope with. Nevertheless to allow them out on the streets was a highly irresponsible action, she told Gail they usually come back within the hour!!
Since then I had another call, this time for a 4 months old Bull mastiff bought by a young couple who now find he is too big!!!! What on earth did they think he was going to grow into - a chihuahua?They paid £270 for him and they think he could be crossed with a German Shepherd! All my foster homes are now full so he will have to stay on the waiting list for the time being.


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