Saturday, 24 July 2010

A popular terrier called Fudge.

Well no surprise, both collie pups been homed already and homes lined up for a couple more of the collies. Misty went today and brother Jim will be leaving our care on Tuesday.Speaking of collies,, I spoke today to the people who have given homes to Robin and his 3 siblings(Robin the collie with the embedded chain collar)and whilst they remain feral and wary of being touched by people, they are enjoying life and have the freedom of their new homes(my friends have two each) It will be a long long job domesticating them to the point where they will allow themselves to be cuddled and walked on leads, however they are fortunate enough to have gone where they can run safely in fields with other dogs so have a decent life now after their years of incarceration.I have been promised photos so look forward to seeing them and of course I will share them on the blog.

Is this rain ever going to stop? Our lower field is partially flooded due to the stream overflowing its banks and we have had to move the ponies from there until it dries out of which there seems little likelihood at the moment. All my hanging baskets and planted tubs are looking worse for wear, the plants are all waterlogged in spite of drainage so there will be no pretty displays of plants for the Open Day this year.

Whilst Veronica Bookeeeper Extraordinaire was here on Tuesday someone came with a lovely little border terrier pup unwanted due to a relationship break up. Perhaps I am being a bit harsh in my views on this but when my marriage broke up I managed to keep my dogs and much later even when Steve (my live in partner)died and I inherited his 3 making 6 for me to look after, it never once occurred to me to give up on them and give them away . Anyhow Veronica took the terrier home to foster and within 24 hours we were were inundated with offers of homes for him and we were able to choose someone suitable for him. I wish all were like that, some just seem to stay for no particular reason.

I forgot to mention the other day I saw an unusual bird for this area, at least I have never seen one before.I was driving along the lane leading to the shelter when a red bird flew past my windscreen causing me to nearly crash the car. I stopped at our entrance to speak to someone and whilst we were talking he said to me"whats that in the field ?" and when I looked there was this red bird again. When I got home I looked in all my bird books and the only one which i thought might have been a possibility was a redstart but in the photo it looked more chestnut than red and the bird I saw had bright red colouring. Anyway when Veronica came in to work I told her about it and she agreed it was a redstart having seen one reasonably close up in another location and she said it does look vivid red from a distance. So there you have it. We have a redstart gracing us with his presence. A nice change from the dull but dear little sparrows and other more common species.

I have been terribly upset about a story in the Daily Mail regarding a donkey in Russia.For those who know nothing about it I will not repeat the story because Im sure others like me will lose sleep over it. I believe there was also a video on you tube though the photo I saw was enough for me to cope with.Anyhow I just heard from someone that The Sun newspaper have bought the donkey, he did not die as I had thought and I presume he will be placed into a sanctuary.All I can say is that I hope the publicity seeking money grabbing people (actually this is not what I originally called them)concerned rot in hell and that Donk has at least some good years left ahead of him to have a peaceful existence somewhere safe. The Sun is not my favourite newspaper and I know it is done for publicity but if they help this poor animal I can only be thankful for their intervention.

We will be bringing Heather and Paddy shetlands back to the shelter this week,Here is a photo of them when they arrived 4 years ago and when Paddy was just two weeks old.He is now bigger than his mum and the same colour black. So there will be another two black ponies joining the current "Bog Woppets" (the farriers expression for our black shetlands)
It is time for me to take a leaf out of the cats book and go and curl up somewhere warm and dry make myself a cup of tea and look forward to watching Casualty on TV with little Suzie on my knee (the last of the old Yorkies) and Charley Patch the Jack Russell asleep in a basket by my feet and then it will be an early night. Oh what a wild life of gay abandonment I lead! (when did the word gay take on a different meaning?)

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