Thursday, 29 July 2010

Sylvia settles down and 2 terriers are found.

If I go longer than two days without writing an entry for this, I tend to forget what has happened but Its been so busy here with the manic last minute dash to get everywhere spick and span for the Open Day this weekend.Anyhow here goes - we admitted two little patterdale terriers picked up on the main Caernarfon Road, Gail went out to collect them and foster them .The black one has a badly infected bite under his chin and several scars which could indicate he is a working dog. Unusually though they do not smell as though they have been kept outside and they are very loving and affectionate.Of course there is no identification on them so it remains to be seen whether they are claimed.I would like to know why the wound is infected too!

Syvia the grey tabby brought in has settled down very well and appears to be a lovely affectionate animal(Photo shown here though it fails to do her justice, she is much prettier than she look s on this)As soon as the collar came off her she changed so it was clearly bothering her and she has not touched her stitches either.
Two more cats were admitted today.Brandy and Fizz belonged to a man who has become homeless, he was extremely upset at having to part with his cats but has no idea when or if he will be able to find somewhere to live soon.It can be heartrending both for the animals and the owner when this happens and especially there is a real bond between them. I am not often moved to tears when people hand over their pets .I am well used to crocodile tears and can detect them straight away but there are some genuine cases which do bring a tear to the eye and this was one of them.
When staff are new they do not always realise that some people make up reasons why they are having to part with their pets. The worst lie I remember is a woman who admitted her dog after saying her partner was in the Intensive care unit at Walton Hospital and she was spending so much time there, the dog was being neglected.I asked what room and she replied no 6 which happened to be next to the room in which my partner Steve was fighting for his life. When I went in to see him, I looked for this woman to no avail.I asked a nurse where was Mr Smith (cant remember the real name) and had he been moved as it was a woman in the adjoining room.The nurse checked and told me there was no Mr Smith in that ward, the dogs owner lied in order to make her reason for parting with her pet seem reasonable. What an appalling excuse to use, I hope it didnt come true for her.It upset me greatly at the time and made me very sceptical.
Its been all hands on deck today, John has been painting the outside of the catteries, Rosie and Vanessa have been cleaning out the stables ready for their conversion to refreshment rooms.Even Vanessas partner has been here helping out, strimming aay some of the weedsspringing up alongside the track.The other willing workers Ken, Gail, Rhian ,Mei andBarbra have been also doing a tidy up as well as their daily tasks of cleaning out the animals.I, on the other hand have done very little because somehow I have hurt my back and cannot straighten up.What bad timing , though I have managed to get an appointment tomorrow with an Osteopath in Porthmadog so heres hoping they will do their magic on me otherwise I will be the only member of staff not present at The Open Day!
We have someone from Norfolk coming tomorrow to see collie Scott, hes a lovely dog and I know they will love him.The weekend ahead is going to get busier and busier, the Marquee is coming Saturday early evening so it will be a long day as we want to get as much done then so its not all to be sorted on the Sunday morning.
I have just this minute taken a call from someone wanting to get rid of two rabbits, bought for a child of 6 who cannot look after them.Quelle surprise! They are willing to wait another week(believe me many refuse) but he did say that they are very dirty and they dont know how to clean them!!!!
I think the sooner they are removed from there the better for those poor animals.We only have one good area for rabbits and there are three occupying it at the moment so will have to try to sort out somewhere for them to go.I hope they are both females as he says and there will be no little surprises one morning when we go to clean them out.

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