Thursday, 1 July 2010

Rest in Peace my dear friend.

The day I dreaded arrived on Wednesday. I lost my beloved William. I have not been writing about his illness, maybe because by not putting it into print it was a way of denying his deteriorating condition and my inability to facing up to the inevitable. The fact is that William had a stroke and although he recovered from it, appeared to have been left with some brain damage.He was not himself for the past month and he became increasingly confused and it could not be ignored any longer.I am devastated, he was my faithful companion, a real character and it will never be the same here without him.


debbidoo said...

Oh Lesley - I'm so sorry :(

Losing a pet is so difficult (I know from experience). And with the job you do, and the number of animals in your care, I can't imagine the pain you must go through.

You do such a wonderful job, and are such an angel of mercy to these animals. Thank you for everything you do for the lost and abandoned animals of Snowdonia - it doesn't go unnoticed.

Debs x

Janice Gillett said...


I am so sorry you lost such a grand friend. Take comfort in knowing you gave him everything he needed and more.

Jan said...

I am so sorry to hear you have lost William. I have a Lurcher.. Fred from the Liverpool Shelter and now he's got a decent home and is happy, he is the most faithful and sensitive dog I've ever know. And, like you I have owned many wonderful dogs in my life.

He had a great life with you and he knew he was loved, but that's not much consolation now. Your life is richer for having known him and he you.... God Bless Jan Liverpool

pamela said...

Sad to hear about William Lesley. Off with Mr Whippy and all the others youve held a special love for. Thinking of you.

carys said...

So sorry to hear about William, really feel for you,it's a terible thing to lose such a beloved companion. As you say the place is just not the same without that dog by your side Carys T x