Saturday, 15 May 2010

Shooks is expecting visitors .

Two of the black kittens have been homed but we have admitted another litter. There are three little black and whites from a lady who let her cat breed, she has been given strong advice that she MUST get her cat spayed this time(it is her second litter|) and we have offered help. Even if a staff member has to collect and take the cat to a vet(and this will probably be the only way it will get done) we will not let this be forgotten.I do not want to receive a call from her in a few months with yet another litter of unwanted kittens.
One of our cats has gone missing,a ginger feral called Ziggy who has lived with us for two years, his siblings also live here and I find it hard to believe he has just disappeared.This should be a very safe place for cats to live, there are no roads,just fields for the cats to explore and yet over the years we have lost a few. It is possible the old and frailer cats may have been taken by a fox but it is highly unlikely they would take bonny healthy animals.More likely there is a human hand in the disappearances! especially as one of the cats next door belonging to Nia and Andrew has also gone missing at the same time as Ziggy. Heres hoping they will both turn up. Their white longhaired cat came from the shelter some years ago and is not in the habit of staying out.Very worrying.
I Have heard from the family in Scotland who expressed interest in Shooks the Siberian Husky and they are coming to see her next week soI am looking forward to their visit with anticipation.They have owned a Malamute for 17 years and had very similar experiences with her so they really do know what they are taking on with a husky.She really needs to be in a home now,I had not realised just how hard it is to find a suitable home for this breed of dog. It is not that there have been no enquiries, rather that the characteristics of the breed makes home finding quite limiting. For the life of me I struggle to remember this dogs correct name, I have called her Snook, Souk,Snoops,Sox, everything but Shooks but it is actually Shooks I am told sternly by Meirwen. So SHOOKS will hopefully like these people and they will fall in love with her and at last she will have somebody to care for her who is under no illusion that Huskies need specialised care. It greatly concerns me that so many of this breed are being seen now,many with young families with babies in prams and it occurs to me that a large percentage of these dogs I see now will end up in shelters(unfortunately probably mine!)
There has only been one call about the poor old dog which was featured in the local paper quite prominently. In spite of the large article about his rescue we are still no wiser about the circumstances leading up to his abandonment. The one call we did have gave us a name of a possible owner but I already know of that person named and I am sure it is not his dog though will investigate further.
Walking the dogs this morning I noticed that the dreaded ragwort is beginning to make its appearance, the rain and sun has caused the grass to start growing but has also made the weeds spring to life .Would that the grass grew with such rapidity!
I have another car full of goods to take to the Llandudno Charity shop later today, once it is emptied I have the joy of moving tons of rubbish from the Caernarfon shop to the local tip. Theres no doubt about it, life in an animal shelter definitely means a variation of jobs to undertake and many not pleasant and fulfilling. When people say to me that they would love to have an animal shelter I somehow think that they do not mean visits to the tip and such like.Not only that type of work there is so much administration ,filing,computer work,databases to complete etc etc. Had I know all this when I first naively started rescuing unwanted pets I feel sure it would have scared me off for life! Well , having had my daily whinge I have to say also that I honestly would not have wanted to do anything other than rescue work.It can sometimes be very very rewarding.It aint all bad!

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