Wednesday, 19 May 2010

The foals play dead

The photos of swans does not mean that there are now dozens of swans "swanning" around the shelter (forgive the pun)I took them a few weeks ago whilst visiting my niece in Worcester and just thought it would be nice to share them.
Shooks has now left us for pastures new and what great pastures they are. In October when she has her passport and rabies vaccination, she will be off to the snow capped mountains of France to spend winter there.I have been promised photographs and I look forward to seeing them.
The Liverpool shelter is donating some of their Tescos donated food to the Welsh shelter and are sending a van over here next Thursday.That will be so very welcome, if only we could receive the same co-operation from our local Tescos! Only the Holyhead branch are amenable to having a collecting box for us at the store and shops like Morrisons in Caernarfon are just downright unhelpful and obstructive. I think its actually down to the Managers , if he/she does not care for animals they refuse help. Morrisons Head office simply says its up to the local managers to make decisions about helping charities so thats not too helpful.
I couldnt resist taking the photo of Crystal having a quiet moment, well to be honest all of Crystals moments are quiet , she is such a gentle and, well -quiet horse! The other horsey pic is not of 2 dead ponies but of the three youngsters having yet another siesta on a sunny afternoon.I tried to take all three but Shamrock was alert as soon as I sneaked up on them.I have never known ponies sleep together in this way, they almost are curled up (if horses could curl up)together fast asleep.Its a bit blurred because I was trying to take the photo quickly before they heard me and I rushed it too much.
There will be six horses leaving us this week for their summer holidays. Big Buster,Freddie and Callie are going back to the same place in Caearnarfon where they were last year only this time Buster is going instead of Ken (who is doing well after his grief over his new friend dying)Must remember to explain to the owners of the fields or they will think ken has grown massively since last summer! Marigold and Melba will be joined by Solitaire this year for their holiday which is also in Caernarfon.The owner of this land has agreed to take an extra and we chose Solitaire because she has become very close to Marigold over the past year.
As with other parts of the country we are having fantastic weather.Morning walks are amazing,it makes one feel glad to be alive.I love this time of year with the buttercups pushing through the grass, swallows ducking and diving through the skies, birds singing away in the surrounding trees, butterflies flitting over the wild flowers and most of all the sun shining which makes everyone feel good. Except Rhian who hates the sun!Due to her pale colouring, she burns when out in the sun too much but Rhian if you read this - Pale is the new Tan!!! You are fashionable and not only that you will not get wrinkles like little old sun loving me.Wish I had skin like hers,its flawless. In comparison I look like a Sharpei!(wrinkly chinese breed of dog for those who dont know)
Tilly has had an operation to remove the growth and she will be returning to Rosies foster home later today.We are waiting to hear what sort of tumour it was. Hopefully she will be able to go off to her new home later this week if all is well. Yet another issue that her owner failed to deal with.He has a lot to answer for. Robin, the one with the embedded chain collar is now doing very well and is a lot friendlier and happier.Who can blame him. It must be like getting let out of prison after doing a life sentence. Tilly shows her appreciation all the time, she simply wants to be cuddled or get on to someones knee and then she just gazes up in adoration at the person.She is adorable.
We had a gull brought in with a broken wing, fortunately Veronica was here that day and as she lives in Anglesey she took him over to a lovely lady called Ann who takes in wild birds.In this area she is the only person I know with experience of injured wildlife and I know she is trying to cut down on her intake.After many years of this work, she has often been overwhelmed and feels she would like to take a step back.I know the feeling only too well.The concern is who can do it when she stops. We dont have the facilities and I have a little knowledge but not enough to take it on. Maybe someone will turn up by the time Ann gives it up.Heres hoping.
When I was shopping for catfood a few days ago,I was approached by a gentleman who saw the Freshfields sign on the vehicle.He wanted to get rid of 24 Koi Carp and other fish(big goldfish I think). We never know what we will be asked to take here from one day to the next.Clearly I am unable to take these fish but I am trying to find someone locally with a suitable facility for them.
Another lovely collie has been admitted(see photo)Jess is a 3 years old, not an ex working dog this time , but a pet who proved too much for the owner to handle.You can see the alertness in her face. With these dogs as any collie owner will say, they are bright and intelligent so must have both mental and physical stimulation. She loves it here, Give her a ball to retrieve and she is as happy as a sand boy.Does anyone know what a sand boy is and where that expression came from? Or have I misremembered it and got it completely wrong?Answers on a postcode please.
My computer is still playing up and some days I fail to connect to the internet at all. One of our supporters Peter has very kindly donated a computer to me and I am waiting for a cleverer person than me to come to set it all up and transfer all my files. That is way beyond my limited technological capabilities. I have arranged for someone to come here Monday to sort the problems out. There has to be nothing more frustrating than a computer when it is playing up.
Its like being without a television or a car when you have been used to using it every day.Without my computer I feel lost. How did we all cope with work before they arrived?
The pigs have been enjoying wallowing in a mud bath all day and Pink Pig is now two tone black and pink, very fetching. He is not a very friendly pig and when the sun is hot its a constant worry that he will get sunburned and he does not make it easy to spray suntan lotion on his body. We use the highest factor sunblock for him and for the grey ponies who tend to get sunburn on their noses if we are not careful. At least the mud provides some protection.
WellI am off tonight to a birthday meal.My next door but one neighbour has invited Rhian and me to a birthday celebration at a local pub and in case anyone is wondering if the delightful Mr Hawkesworth has had a change of heart towards me, no he certainly has not - this is a different neighbour. This family are dog lovers/owners and live on the other side of him and they too have problems with him (which immediately created a bond between us) We animal lovers have to stick together.

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carys said...

Hi Lesley thinking about your comment about local supermarkets. Saw last weekend that new Waitrose in Menai Bridge allow people to nominate local charities- which the shop then supports with a donation. At moment the selected charities include Riding for Disabled & Red Squirrels. I've picked up a form to nominate Freshfields - and will also send you some , maybe other supporters could also nomiante freshfields, it may be way of getting some extra cash as well as raising awarenss of the centre? Will put forms in post for you best wishes Carys