Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Grandad has more teeth out!

Ihate to start the blog with bad news but we had to let the old dog go yesterday, he was not improving and we all agreed he had no quality of life to look forward to. Whether he had been brain damaged from the blow(s) to his head we will never know but he was a great age, I guess he could have been 16 or 17 years of age and over the weekend he deteriorated.I have sent the story with his photograph to the local papers in the hope someone will know the owner and we may begin to find out what had happened to him.One thing is for sure that he was neglected during his life for which there is no excuse and the other certainty is that we will be left to pay the not inconsiderable bill for his care since we picked him up.
There is always good news to balance out the sad, the little collie pup was only here a few days before someone visiting fell in love with her, no surprise, she was a lovely pup and not at all vicious as we had been told! I have no doubt she will bring a lot of fun and love to the life of her new carer.
Well the kitten season is now well under way,pictured are a litter of unwanted babies(oh why do they not get their cats neutered?)which arrived over the weekend and we have 2 new mums in with tiny babies also. I hope that Mion our foster mum will be able to take on one or two of these mums so that the pens may be used to house the ready to home kittens.There is so much help nowadays for people to neuter their animals, it is hard to understand why there are still unwanted litters being born,it must be down to sheer apathy on the part of the owners.There is no other reason I can come up with.
Andre the horse dentist has been back this morning as a couple of our ponies needed to have teeth extracted. .Vet Ken was here to administer the anaesthetic and Grandad, one of our elderly shetlands is now left with just 6 teeth in his old head. Vanessa is pictured comforting him after his treatment. We have no idea of Grandads real age though he is almost certainly in his thirties. He was purchased at a horse sale a few years ago by someone who knew he had no chance of being sold to a private home due to his age. We had thought at the time he might pal up with little Noddy who had lost his longterm companion Raffles so we were happy to give him a permanent home at the shelter.Nowadays Grandad and Connie are best pals and Noddy and Maggie are inseparable. From a distance it is hard to differentiate between them, all our old shetlands are the same colour - black! Only Noddys misshapen body makes him stand out. In my eyes he is a real prizewinner but in reality it is doubtful he would ever win "Handsomest pony". Who cares about that when he has so much character and he has been such a healthy pony considering his great age( late thirties) Latest photo of Noddy here with Maggie behind him.
Tuesday is office day, Bookkeeper Veronica is here and has brought a friend Julia to help with the filing- she has immediately brought a little sunshine into my day.I loathe filing!Question is can she put up with the chaos of daily life here? Time will tell.

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