Thursday, 27 May 2010

Bonnie has an operation..

After writing about the lack of support from local supermarkets, I have been told that there is a new Waitrose in menai Bridge in Anglesey and they are supporting local charities so thanks for that information .I will follow it up. My new computer is now up and working so I am hopeful that there will be fewer problems connecting to the internet. The donation of this computer may well have saved my sanity (well, what sanity I have left!)I am very grateful for both computer and the prevention of an extremely likely nervous breakdown which would probably have resulted in one very temperamental piece of technological equipment being hacked to pieces! Thank you Peter for preventing this mayhem.

A rather thin lurcher type female has been found on the bypass and so far nobody has turned up to claim her, she loves playing ball and gets on very well with other dogs which is always a bonus.If nobody claims her this week I will arrange to have her spayed with Jess. The staff have named her Vixen and it suits her, she does look a little fox like. There is also a 12 weeks Kelpie pup being fostered in Machynlleth, his owners said he is growing too big! This always mystifies me. When someone aquires a pedigree breed there is none of the uncertainty as there is with a crossbreed so why is there such surprise as the dog grows "the wrong size"?

Our dear Bonnie Foxhound has been to the vet today because of a lump on her leg.The bad news is that it is skin cancer and she has stayed in for an operation to remove the growth. Poor old Bonnie, this means that she will no longer be able to roam freely round the property scavenging and sunbathing when the sun is shining.It will be too dangerous for her. Fortunately she is not a young dog, around 10 years we estimate so she does like her sleep a lot too and may not be too concerned at her enforced incarceration during hot weather. That is of course if we do have any more good weather. In future I will have mixed feelings when I see the sun,instead of heralding it as a great day,I will now also worry about Bonnie being shut inside. Que sera, sera.

The horses have now gone to their summer home and yesterday I went to check on them, all look blissfully content and barely looked up from their grazing when I approached. My presence failed to compete with the profusion of lovely green grass. I did notice the ragwort was starting to grow so stayed to pick as much as I could.Another visit will be necessary at the weekend

.I was upset and angry to read in the local newspaper about the man from Bala who left a young pony in a field to die last winter . Words are not enough to describe my feelings about this. It makes me feel murderous. Why Why Why? In spite of RSPCA being aware of the situation months before, this still happened. It is beyond my comprehension. If this happened to an animal I had been informed about I would be totally devastated and would feel unfit to continue my work. having said that I dont know the background of the case and perhaps should not make judgement so quickly. .

We had a short but pleasant visit from Ian who is in charge of the neutering voucher scheme implemented by the Cats Protection League headquarters. They have allocated Freshfields a sum of money to be used towards neutering cats at both shelters.This is such a wonderful help to us, without it we would never be able to afford to neuter the many stray cats brought here.

Speaking of cats, I have just received a telephone call requesting help for 14 cats, none of which are neutered. They will need collecting as the owner has no transport and it is doubtful will have cat baskets either. Their owner has died and his widow wants them gone! I should be able to collect them some time this weekend.

Well I am off now to collect Bonnie from the Vets surgery.She will be glad to come home,

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