Sunday, 28 September 2008

Stray dogs and Bonnie goes AWOL.

One kitten went today, it has been exceptionally quiet here today.. Someone brought an adorable puppy in, he had been wandering about f0r a few days but he looks so well, he must belong to someone! Of course he has no collar and we checked him for a microchip but without either, how on earth can his owner be traced.Mind you I have thought this before and animals are not claimed,its 50/50 whether an owner will turn up.He is a strange mix, large feet, black shaggy coat,around 4 months of age ,I have named him Jumble after a similar dog I had many years ago. If nobody turns up for him I doubt it will be long before he is homed, he is gorgeous(I will take a photo of him later)
Someone else has found a Jack Russell female wandering in Porthmadog area, Rosie is going to foster her until an owner or home can be found. There is a very real problem in this area as there are no kennels taking in stray dogs,I wish one of the National organisations would open a rescue kennels in North Wales.There is simply nowhere for them to go.Paws rescue do their best but they are limited as they have to use boarding kennels so have limited spaces available.The dogs also have to be vaccinated which immediately cuts out the strays which are generally the most needy.Its a poor situation for dogs in this area.
The vet has been out to Copper, she has an infection in her foot which may be an abscess so she is on antibiotics.It is a never ending problem with these Anglesey ponies.
I had a bit of a panic this morning, Bonnie our loveable but scavenging Foxhound went missing, We searched all over the property , Mei went off on the quad bike and I took off in the car, we covered most of the surrounding areas but no sign.On the way I spotted a gathering of farmers (Im sure there must be a more appropriate name for them?)taking off with hounds and guns, off on another hunt.No amount of calls to Police seem to help, they just do their own thing regardless of the law.It is very disheartening. Anyway I returned to the shelter, feeling extremely worried for Bonnies safety as she is terrified of strangers and away from her comfort zone(the shelter) she panics and runs blindly away from anything she perceives as danger.
By the time I got back she had been found, where was she? In the cattery demolishing every scrap of catfood she could find.She had a look on her face as though to say "Whats all the fuss about, Ive been here all along!" My sense of relief was overwhelming. Dear old Bonnie, she is a great character and I made a decision today not to rehome her, she is so happy here and her great terror of strangers could lead to an accident if she were to be taken away from here.

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