Saturday, 27 September 2008

Our foals return soon.

Our 2 orphaned foals Celt and Shamrock will be returning to the shelter in the next week or so, we are trying to arrange it so that both arrive back on the same day so that they will have the company of each other.Celt is with a foster mare in Anglesey and Shamrock with one on merseyside, both are weaned and ready to return.I am looking forward to seeing them both again.The photo of Celt (above right) was sent to me a few weeks ago, how beautiful he looks, he has grown into a very handsome young man.How quickly they grow from such tiny frail creatiures(pic left)
They may have another friend arriving in November. A friend of mine overheard a conversation between two farmers discussing a foal which had an injury to his leg and was rendered useless as a future riding pony.The breeder was having him shot but was complaining at the cost of this and the disposal of the body! I rang the farmer who has agreed to let the foal come here when he is weaned at the age of 5 months, I hope he keeps his promise.
One of the remaining Anglesey ponies, Copper is lame today, looks like another call out to the vet,its never ending, Copper has been the bonniest of these ponies so Im hopeful it is nothing serious.We have been sent a lovely photo of Dylan, the one who was rehomed, he looks great and the lady who adopted him is delighted with his progress.
Yesterday I received 4 calls from people wanting to part with horses and we are already full, it is a great problem,most horse shelters are full to capacity and have a long waiitng list.Rosie has managed to sort 2 of them out with a friend who keeps horses, she will be taking on 2 whose owner has died.There are another 2 oldish ponies whose owner is seriously ill and can no longer care for them, another is an ex dressage horse aged 6 years which is unsuitable for riding. all so needy but there is only so much one can do with limited resources.
Well the weekend is here, perhaps we will home lots of cats, the weather is lovely, bright and sunny so I am keeping my fingers crossed many people will come to visit.
Mick the collie has been reserved already! We will have him neutered next week and then he can go to his new home.I wish all animals were adopted as quickly as this.

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chelsea said...

Great work on sheltering the foals and its great that there are people like you who are compassionate and take care of our equine friends!