Friday, 26 September 2008

So many kittens and a new collie.

So many kittens and all growing into the leggy stage now.I am beginning to panic,(actually I have been in this frame of mind for some months!) will they ever find homes? Once they reach this stage people rarely want them, its the in between stage, not a tiny kitten but not adult either.I think I need to do some serious advertising to try and move them.We have around 100 cats and kittens looking for homes and of course the 40 residents to feed as well so we are getting through cat food at an alarming rate.
A young collie was taken into the vet to be destroyed yesterday, Mick is a friendly happy dog who showed no interest in sheep and that of course is the death knell for a working dog.He does have a tendency to bark at the cats and is possessive over food so we need to work with him over that problem but many dogs which have not been fed well show this tendency at first.
When I returned from the Andes trek, I discovered a new dog in the house, Siobhan is 10 years old, a beautiful natured collie cross labrador female .Her owner had health problems and had to give his dogs up, the Chinese crested which came in with her has since been rehomed but of course Siobhans age is against her.Personally I prefer the older ones and this one is a truly fabulous dog, she is good with cats, other dogs, people and hasnt a nasty bone in her body.My kind of dog but although I could keep her, I feel she is too nice and amiable and would settle anywhere.It is bestI keep the more difficult dogs or the very elderly which nobody else wants, like the two ancient Yorkies Maggie and Martha, who incidentally are doing very well and have settled with me as though they have never lived anywhere else.
We are hoping to open a couple more charity shops in North Wales, we need to boost our income so we are looking at shops in Barmouth and if anyone lives in either area and has time on their hands we will be needing volunteers, please get in touch.
Christine came up today to see her 4 beautiful ponies she was forced to part with due to ill health, as always she was both pleased and upset to see them.It is very hard for people who genuinely love their animals but are forced to relocate and give them up and in Christines case she had cared for these ponies since they were foals and they are now in their twenties.

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